Promises are kept

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Covenant.... a promise made between individuals for something to be done.

At Covenant Multi Services we thrive on our ability to serve our clients with transparency and promptness bringing maximum satisfaction.
Even though as a registered business we are new, we have access to a very wide pool of experienced and qualified individuals who share the work ethics and values that result in top class deliverables. 

Thoroughness Timeliness Steadfastness and Monetary Reliability

From the Proprietor

Hello visitor,

I am honoured that you are taking your time to browse through our site. Just like the business; it too is growing everyday with new features and updates. Everything has a beginning, and usually things built gradually on a strong foundation last a long time. In construction we normally require that the structure is allowed to settle as we build upwards - so it is at Covenant Multi Services. We grow; and so will your projects whatever they may be.....

You too may be a business owner or manager at a company having many years of experience and could be asking yourself why should I invest in a Sierra Leonean's startup? Why should I hire their services? The answer is simple; because we are not afraid of investing in our nation's economic growth!

As the weeks, months and years progress, this site will be filled with YOUR success stories, YOUR testimonials.

Always feel free to contact us regarding any issue we are ready to listen.

Warmest Regards,




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